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Adding external I2C Sensors

The Kniwwelino Board features a 4-pin connector which is using the I2C protocol (I²C). This protocol allows you to connect various different sensors (up to 127 at once)

The I2C connector on the Kniwwelino as well as all supported I2C sensors have the following four pins:

  • VCC 3.3V provided by the Kniwwelino Board to power the sensors.
  • GND Common Ground
  • SDA Serial Data Line
  • SCL Serial Clock Line

These 4 pins must be connected 1 to 1 from the Kniwwelino board to the sensor.

Other sensors can be wired in parallel by connecting them the same way either at the Kniwwelino board or one of the connected sensors. For easier connection an I2C hub can be used.