This variant of the best friends wristband will allow you to predefine a list of icons or messages.

With button A you can navigate in the list of icons and messages. With button B you can send the selected icon or message.

  • Add a variable to indicate which icon is selected. It needs to be initialised in Kniwwelino on start:. You can use it later in Kniwwelino repeat forever.

  • Create an own group and connect the matrix as in the first version of the wristband.

  • When button A is pressed you increase the variable value and show on the matrix which icon is selected.

  • When button B is pressed you send the icon which was selected.
  • To show who has sent the last message you can define an own color for each of the friends. When she/he sends the message, the LED of the message receivers will light in that color. Don't forget to connect the LED to make it work.


  • To add else or else if to a condition use the options which are available when clicking on the + on the block. Drag and drop them to the right according to your needs.
  • Make sure to use the blocks in Matrix to select the icon to send, but to also use the blocks in Messages to send the selected icon.


You can follow the instructions as in Best friends wristband.

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