String getID()

returns the Kniwwelinos Device ID = last 6 digits of the WIFI MAC address

String getName()

returns the Kniwwelinos Device Name = Kniwwelino + last 6 digits of the WIFI MAC address

String getMAC()

returns the Kniwwelinos WIFI MAC address

String getIP()

returns the Kniwwelinos WIFI IP address

boolean isConnected()

Checks the Kniwwelinos Wifi and MQTT connection.

returns true if connected, false if not connected

void sleep(uint16_t sleepMillis)

Sleeps the current program for the given number of milliseconds. Use this one instead of arduino delay, as it handles Wifi and MQTT in the background.

sleepMillis = milliseconds to sleep.

void loop()

internal loop that handles the mqtt connection and message handling.

Needs to be called regularly → end of the Arduino loop method.

void PINsetEffect(uint8_t pin, int effect)

Set the specified I/O Pin of the board to on/off/blink/flash.

pin = D5/D6/D7

void PINclear(uint8_t pin)

Clear the specified I/O Pin of the board. (set to OFF and remove from ticker)

pin = D5/D6/D7