• Getting started with Kniwwelino: these pages present you the components of the Kniwwelino world and explain you everything you need to configure your board.
  • Kniwwelino activities: 21 activity sheets that support the progressive learning of coding and electronics, step-by-step (solutions included).
  • Kniwwelino projects: all instructions to code and build interactive and connected objects (best friends wristband, weather station, …)
  • Mission cards: Describe different tasks that can be used as starting point for inventing a new Kniwwelino project.
  • Creativity dices: Can be used to guide the creative process. One dice shows different missions, two dices show different Kniwwelino components. Role the dices and invent an object that solves the mission with the two components.
  • Project description sheet: Can be used to describe in more detail a Kniwwelino project idea: what it looks like, how it will be used, what components are needed to build it.
  • Hardware images: Images of all the hardware components to be used, e.g., for the project description sheet.
  • Extension cards: Description of possible extensions including examples.

If you flashed your Kniwwelino and it seams to be broken, try to do a factory reset with the “flasher.js for Kniwwelino”-App:

To store and transport your Kniwwelino:

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