Before you can start to program your Kniwwelino you have to do a few preparations, explained in the following.

Plug your Kniwwelino

To be able to program your Kniwwelino, you need to connect it to a power source. You can plug it with a Micro USB cable to your computer, or use a Powerbank, a USB Hub or a Micro USB based charger (as used for many mobile phones).

As soon as you connect your Kniwwelino, the RGB LED will start flashing, then all LEDs on the matrix will light, and progressively switch off. The Kniwwelino will try to connect to one of the WiFi Access Points it has been configured to previously.

As it does not know your WiFi password (yet), it can't connect. After a timeout it will start the program which has last been transferred to the Kniwwelino.

Connect your Kniwwelino to a local WiFi

To be able to program your Kniwwelino with the online programming tool, you need to connect it to a local WiFi. To do so, you have to do the following steps.

Be aware that Kniwwelino is only able to connect to open, WEP or WPA/WPA2 networks!

WPA2 Enterprise like eduroam is not supported!

1. Press button B while starting the Kniwwelino.

OR (in case you have an older version): At the start of the Kniwwelino, press both buttons simultaneously.

The LED blinks purple, and the Matrix says “WIFI AP”.

2. Use your smartphone (or tablet or computer) to connect to the Network “Kniwwelino_<ID Nr>”.

3. Open a new window with your web browser and go to the address: The following screen will show:

4. Click on “Configure WiFi” to specify name and password of the new network.

5. Your Kniwwelino will now try to connect to this network. The LED lights in green if it was successful.

Setup the online programming environment

With a web browser (e.g. on your laptop or tablet), you can open the online programming tool on

Before you can start coding, you need to add your Kniwwelino to the list of Kniwwelino boards in your settings. To do so, please follow these steps:

1. Start (unplug and plug again) your Kniwwelino while holding button A pressed. A pattern will show up on the LED matrix.

2. Click on the gear in the menu.

3. A window for managing your boards will open. Define a name for your Kniwwelino, for instance “Kniwwelino 1”. In case you own several Kniwwelinos, you might want to label your Kniwwelino with this same name (or number).

4. Copy the pattern of the LED matrix onto the Kniwwelino in the window.

5. Click on the green +. The Kniwwelino now appears in the list.

6. Click “Return” to close the window. You are now set to compose your programs. When clicking on the orange play button, the code will be uploaded to this Kniwwelino.

Optional: Setting up alternative ways to program Kniwwelino

If your are planning to program your Kniwwelino online with the visual programming tool, you can skip these following steps.

Install Kniwwelino Blockly on your Computer

To be able to program your Kniwwelino offline, you have to install a driver for the microcontroller as well as the software on your computer, described hereafter:

For advanced users: Installing Arduino IDE

In case you are an advanced user, you might be interested in programming your Kniwwelino from the Arduino IDE. Please refer to the following section to find more information about this: