Desktop version Kniwwelino Blockly (Mac)

These instructions where provided by the community member Samir El Ouardi. Thanks for your contribution.

To install the OSX version of the KniwwelinoBlockly:

  • Download latest Arduino IDE launch it after installation.
  • Configure Arduino like described in the Installing Arduino IDE for Kniwwelino section
  • Download the driver for the USB serial Converter used on the Kniwwelino board and install it.
  • Download Python 3. We tested against version 3.6.3, any other Python 3 should work also.
  • Download the latest release of KniwwelinoBlockly. Un-zip the archive file.
  • Go to the KniwwelinoBlockly folder
  • Get info (cmd+i) on the file and set with Python Launcher
  • Double click to start KniwwelinoBlockly
  • This will launch a terminal window for python and the webbrowser displaying KniwwelinoBlockly
  • Change the settings of KniwwelinoBlockly
    • Arduino Compiler Location (normally): /Applications/
    • Arduino Board: Kniwwelino
    • COM Port (Kniwwelino must be connected to the Mac before opening the settings): port is named like /dev/cu.wchusbserial1410
    • Select language of your choice.
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