To be able to program your Kniwwelino board via cable, you need to use a PC or Mac with the Kniwwelino Flashtool installed. For more information on how to install the Kniwwelino Flashtool see Installing the Kniwwelino Flashtool.

Note: The following procedure replaces “Plug your Kniwwelino”, “Connect your Kniwwelino to a local WiFi”, and “Setup the online programming environment”, described in Preparations.

Plug your Kniwwelino board with a Micro USB cable to your computer.

This connection needs to be done everytime you unplugged and replugged your Kniwwelino board. Because of this connection, you don't need to connect your board to a WiFi network.

1. Open the Flashtool. The following window will show.

2. Select the COM port where you Kniwwelino is connected to (number might differ)

3. Click on connect.

4. If the connection is successful, the Kniwwelino board image will show an LED pattern (different for each Kniwwelino board):

These steps need to be done only once for the device you want to use for the programming platform. The settings will then be stored in your browser.

1. Click on Open in browser.

2. Your browser will open on and a window showing a Kniwwelino board with the same LED pattern will pop up.

3. Add a name (minimum 3 characters).

4. Click on the green +. The board will appear as online in the list, along with its ID and MAC.

Now you can create your code in the visual programming environment and transfer it to the Kniwwelino board by clicking on the orange run button (as explained in My very first Kniwwelino program).

The only difference is that during this process (about 30 sec), the LED animations on the board will freeze (instead of showing an arrow), then the Kniwwelino will reboot in the normal way.


  • Do not unplug the board during the programming activities. In case it was unplugged you need to restart the Flashtool, and connect the board again.
  • When using the Flashtool, you cannot use the messaging blocks (orange blocks)
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