1. Download the latest release:
  2. Unzip it somewhere on your PC.
  3. Run the file KniwwelinoFlashtool.exe
  4. Plug your Kniwwelino board with an USB cable to your PC
  5. Make sure the COM port of your Kniwwelino board appears as available port in the dropdown list.

The installation was successful, you can continue with Resetting a Kniwwelino board using the Kniwwelino Flashtool or Connecting and programming your board with the Kniwwelino Flashtool.

Do the following steps to find out the COM port of your Kniwwelino:

  1. Plug your Kniwwelino to your PC.
  2. Open the device manager (through the control panel or search for it in the Windows search box)
  3. Check the entry USB-SERIAL CH340 listed under Ports (COM & LPT). The COM port number is written in parentheses behind.

In case you don't find a new serial device in the Device Manager after plugging a Kniwwelino to your PC. You should install the driver.

Download and unzip the CH340g driver available from https://sparks.gogo.co.nz/ch340.html

Depending on your account rights you maybe have to start CH341SER.EXE as an administrator.

After launching a window like this should open and by pressing the install button the driver will be installed.

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